„Custom Festival” upON Reșița City

5, 6 & 7 July 2019

Custom Resita will rock your world on the green  grass of Poiana Golului

Custom Reșița is pure emotion. It`s the rebirth of a city from its own ashes, an industrial city that was a jewel of Romania`s industry; it`s a former industrial city with breathtaking surroundings that wants to claim its place among tourist cities of Romania. Reșița has a great touristic potential right now, especially regarding the area of the Banat Mountains.

The festival is a natural reaction of the ones that understand that industrial heritage can be combined with the hope for a bright future – a cultural reconversion from metal industry to art by making a festival built around rock genre (the most complete and complex musical genre on earth). Starting with the classic rock of the `80s – and young Romanians hidden in communist apartments listening and having fun – till the prog rock of today – expressing a hard won freedom -, passing through alternative or surf rock – all of them will be found between 5th and 7th of July in Poiana Golului, the hill that watches over the city.

Custom Reșița will be a revelation on a site that will bring together communities, different people, lots of music and arts&crafts for the adults that want to be free from all the problems for one weekend. It will be more than an event – it will be a mood that will combine the old and the new, proving everyone that the gap between generations doesn`t have to exist.

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